​We developed our collections of Moorcroft, Disney, Artist Bears and Elliott Hall Enamels,  over a period of 25 years and have now found it necessary to downsize and sell the collections.  Hoping to connect with people with a similar interest and appreciation of Luxury Fine Collectibles. The Bears have all been adopted so that page has been removed. Likewise the Elliott Hall enamels  and Disney Collectibles have been sold and the pages removed. What remains of our collection of Moorcroft Pottery is showcased in this website as individual items with their specific details.

We are located in Canada and the prices shown have been discounted  off the reflective world marketplace.  All reasonable offers will be considered.


We are not a business, nor a retailer or stockist. This is a Personal collection, being sold privately, therefore no sales taxes are applicable. See Terms for more details.

While some of the listings appear to be alphabetical, they are not completely, so please scroll through or use the search (Ctl+F) to find a particular item by name, artist/designer or any details you might know.

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Founded in 1897, Moorcroft pottery is one of the last independent pottery producers in England. Creating a piece  employs a unique process, still decorated entirely by hand, with the design outlined in trailed slip using a technique known as tubelining, producing a texture, in addition to high glaze with vibrant colour. This technique continues to be used in almost all of Moorcroft's art aimed at the luxury end of the collector and gift markets.

See how Moorcroft is made.... https://youtu.be/6aMGOCQ9VsE